Angular Contact Ball Bearings

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Angular Contact Bearings feature raceways with high and low shoulders. These opposing raceways are designed to accommodate axial loads in one direction in addition to radial loads. Self-retaining units with solid inner and outer rings and ball and cage assemblies.Machined Brass cages are machined from cast or wrought brass and are unaffected by most common bearing lubricants, including synthetic oils and greases. Clean up using normal organic solvents.Angular Contact Bearings are designed to accommodate axial and radial loads acting simultaneously. Double row design for multidirectional axial load, similar to a pair of single row bearings, but taking up less axial space. Made from high-quality chromium bearing steel. The ball bearings are separated by high-speed Polyamide cages. Polyamide cages offer high-impact strength, abrasion- and wear-resistance, and energy and shock absorption.
Lightweight Phenolic cages are made from cotton fabric-reinforced resin. Withstands heavy inertial forces and operating temperatures up to 250°F (120°C). Phenolic cages tend to absorb oil, helping in the lubrication of the cage/rolling element contact.Pressed Steel cages are constructed from sheet steel that is made into curved sections by press forming.